How Do You Change a Car Tire?

mechanic changing car tire

In the unfortunate event that you get a flat tire, or your tire treads have worn down too far, knowing how to change a tire is always a useful skill to have. Plus, it can save you from having to wait on the side of a road in Arlington for assistance. You may be wondering, “How do you change a car tire?” The service experts at Wolfchase Nissan have put together this helpful guide on how to change your car tires. Find out how, below! 

Changing Your Nissan Tires: A Step-by-Step Guide

In order to change the tires on your Nissan, you’ll need the following tools: a jack, lug wrench, spare tire or new tire(s), and your owner’s manual. Once you have the proper tools, follow the steps below to change your tires:

  1. If you’re on the side of the road in Memphis, move to an area that is clear of traffic and turn on your hazard lights. 
  2. Make sure to apply the parking brake and place wheel wedges under the other tires.
  3. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the tire, then loosen the lug nuts.
  4. Use the jack to raise your vehicle and remove the lug nuts.
  5. Take off the current tire and mount the new or spare tire.
  6. Tighten the lug nuts, then lower your vehicle back to the ground.

How Often Should You Change Car Tires?

Curious about how often to change car tires? This depends on how often you rotate your tires and the quality of your tires. If you rotate your tires on a regular basis, they should last for the full amount of miles as promised. Nevertheless, you should still check your tire pressure and check your tire tread depth to ensure that they’re in good condition. If your tires have significant tread wear, you’ll need a new set. How can you make your tires last longer? One way to extend the lifespan of your tires is to schedule a tire rotation when you visit your Cordova service center for an oil change.

How Do You Put Air in Your Tires?

If it’s not time for your tires to be changed, they may just need some air. You can either use the air pump you have at home or stop at a local gas station to use theirs. Here’s how you can put air in your tires: 

  • Park your car close enough to the air dispenser so that the hose can reach each tire.
  • Remove the cap from the tire valve of the first tire.
  • Check the tires’ air pressures by using your tire pressure gauge. It’s recommended that you do this at home prior to driving to the gas station as driving can heat up your tires and cause the air inside to expand. In turn, this can provide a false reading. 
  • Use the air hose to add small amounts of air while checking the tire gauge each time.

How Many Miles Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

If you put a spare tire on your vehicle, you’ll want to get a new, permanent tire put on as soon as possible. Spare tires aren’t made to be driven on for extended periods of time — typically no more than 50 miles — and you should never drive on a spare tire at high speeds. Your spare tire will say its specific limit, but it’s recommended to stay below 50 mph.

Receive Excellent Tire Service at Wolfchase Nissan

Don’t feel comfortable changing your tires by yourself? The expert technicians at Wolfchase Nissan are happy to help! Schedule an appointment at our service center where we’ll inspect your car’s tires and ensure that they’re in excellent condition.

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