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How Often to Replace Brakes on a Nissan

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors

Your braking system is crucial for your vehicle’s safety and performance, but every automotive component needs some maintenance and repair here and there. So, what needs to be replaced for brakes to function properly? Let’s go into how often to replace brakes and find out what factors influence your brakes’ lifespan in Arlington.



What Needs to Be Replaced for Brakes?

Most modern vehicles are built with disc brakes. When you hit the brake pedal, a set of calipers grabs onto your rotors and stops them from spinning with the help of brake pads. This whole process is controlled hydraulically, which means it requires brake fluid to carry out the motions. So if your brakes are experiencing wear and tear, what needs to be replaced for your brakes? It could be any of the following:

  • Broken brake pedal
  • Faulty calipers
  • Worn brake pads
  • Thin rotors
  • Low brake fluid

How Do I Determine How Often to Replace Brakes?

How often to replace brakes will depend on your particular driving style and vehicle type. This can vary from 25,000 miles for a heavy-duty driver to well over 75,000 miles for a low-mileage commuter. One of the most common braking issues we see in Memphis is worn brake pads, which is a simple fix. Learning how to check your brake pads is a great way to stay ahead of your maintenance, because you can simply look at your pads through the spokes of your wheel. If your brake pad isl ess than one-quarter of an inch thick, schedule your service.

What are Red Flags of Brake Wear?

  • Strange Sounds: Do you notice strange squealing and grinding noises when you hit the brakes? Squealing can indicate brake pad issues, which is why learning how to check your brake pads is essential.
  • Pulling: Does your car pull to one side without any steering changes? This could be anything from a stuck caliper to a collapsed brake hose.
  • Vibrations: Does your car vibrate and rattle as you press the brake pedal? Your brake rotors may be worn too thin, or you might have issues with your front brakes.

Get Quality Car Care at Wolfchase Nissan

Whether you need help learning how to check your brake pads or scheduling your next brake check, the team at Wolfchase Nissan is here to assist you in the Cordova area. Contact us with your questions or visit our service center in Bartlett for quality automotive care.


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