How Often To Change Your Spark Plugs

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Many Memphis drivers wonder how often to change the spark plugs in their new car. Generally it’s recommended that the spark plugs be changed every 30,000 miles, but that depends on the model. It’s best to check your owner’s manual for more specific intervals of when to replace these spark plugs. Learn more about spark plugs below, and when you’re ready to have them replaced, contact our service department at Wolfchase Nissan.

When Do I Change Spark Plugs?

Your spark plugs are one of your ignition components that work by moving the high voltage current from the ignition coil to ignite the combustion chamber as soon as you start your vehicle. This is why it’s important they work properly. If they aren’t in good condition, you may notice some issues including:

  • Slow or no start
  • Engine misfire
  • Engine is running rough
  • Rough idling
  • Poor acceleration
  • High fuel consumption

Benefits of Changing Your Spark Plugs

While changing the spark plugs helps you avoid the issues listed above, you’ll also find other benefits. And when you change your spark plugs regularly, sticking to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, you can benefit from:

  • Improved fuel economy – Having a worn out spark plug can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 30%, and replacing it can help gain that back.
  • Consistent combustion system – Spark plugs allow for the continuous production of combustion and keep your vehicle’s system running properly.
  • Your Vehicle Starts Smoothly – Replace your spark plug, and when you turn the key in the ignition, you can feel your vehicle start effortlessly.
  • Less harmful emissions – Replacing your vehicle’s spark plugs can not only help increase your gas mileage, but also improve your emissions.

For Your Nissan Needs, Visit Wolfchase Nissan

Whether you’re experiencing issues caused by bad spark plugs or you’d like to have your serpentine belt inspected, schedule an appointment online with our service center near Arlington. Talk with one of our experienced technicians, find the parts you need at our parts department, and save more with our parts and service specials. We can even answer any questions you may have, such as, “what is a tire rotation?“. Contact us today, and be sure to compare the Rogue vs. Murano today.

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