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What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard warning lights

You’re driving through Arlington when suddenly you notice a light out of the corner of your eye, causing you to wonder, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” There are numerous Nissan dashboard symbols that can instantly reveal vital information about your vehicle, but it can be tricky to remember just what each sign means! Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of Nissan dashboard lights and meanings to help you drive with absolute confidence throughout Memphis and Cordova.

What Do the Colors of My Nissan Warning Lights Mean?

Even before you diagnose the meaning of your dashboard warning symbols, the color of your dashboard warning lights themselves can reveal a lot about the urgency of your car’s issue.

  • Yellow Warning Light: A yellow light indicates a malfunction, but you can still operate your vehicle safely. You’ll need to make plans to head to the service department, but there’s no need to panic.
  • Red Warning Light: A red light is more serious. You’ll need to pull over and call the service department immediately because your vehicle may not be safe to operate. In fact, you might even need to get your car towed to the appointment.

Common Nissan Dashboard Warning Light Symbols & Meanings

Now that you know how dashboard warning symbols are color-coded, let’s jump right into discussing some of the most common Nissan dashboard light symbols and meanings.

  • ABS Symbol: Labeled “ABS,” this symbol indicates your anti-lock braking system is off.
  • BRAKE Symbol: Labeled “BRAKE” or a circle with an exclamation point, this light means your braking system needs attention.
  • Charge Warning Light: Resembling a rectangular battery, this light means your battery is running out of charge.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Light: Looking like an oil can, the engine oil pressure warning light shows that your engine oil pressure sensor is faulty.
  • Fuel Warning Light: A gas pump symbol will pop on to indicate low fuel levels.
  • Exclamation Point Symbol: An exclamation symbol means your tire pressure is below the recommended level.
  • Windshield Wiper Symbol: Resembling a curved windshield with a wiper, this light means your windshield washer fluid level is too low.
  • Master Warning Light: Looking like an exclamation point inside a triangle, the master warning light means multiple warning systems have errors.
  • Power Steering Light: Labeled with a “PS,” this means that your power steering system needs inspection.
  • Seat Belt Warning Light: Resembling a person with a seat belt, the seat belt warning light indicates one of the car’s occupants is not wearing their seat belt.
  • Airbag Warning Light: The airbag warning light looks like a person with a ball and means your airbags are deactivated.

Schedule Your Service with Wolfchase Nissan

Don’t get caught off guard by your Nissan warning lights, schedule your service with Wolfchase Nissan of Bartlett today if your car’s dashboard warning light is telling you service is needed. We can get your car back on the road in no time! Feel free to contact us with any questions or even to learn about the TPMS meaning.

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