What Is Comprehensive Insurance vs. Collision?

Car Insurance

Are you upgrading your drives through Arlington with a new Nissan? There’s no doubt you want to protect your investment! You’re likely wondering, “what’s the difference between comprehensive insurance vs. collision?”

Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, and comprehensive insurance covers any damage done to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident (natural disasters, vandalism, theft, etc.). Our team at Wolfchase Nissan will help you learn what is comprehensive insurance vs. collision, and help you decide which is right for your drives through Cordova!

Auto Insurance: Comprehensive vs. Collision

It’s important to note that these are both optional insurance coverage plans, and are not the same as liability insurance, which is legally required for drivers in nearly every U.S. state. With that said, let’s explore some examples of what is covered by comprehensive vs. collision insurance:

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage:

  • Covered:
  • An animal collides with your car
  • A tree falls on your car
  • A natural disaster destroys your car
  • Your car is stolen or vandalized

Collision Insurance Coverage:

  • Damage caused to your vehicle by colliding with another vehicle
  • Damage caused by a rollover
  • Damage caused by poor road conditions, i.e., large potholes
  • Damage caused by colliding with a stationary object, such as a tree or fence

Which Option Is Right for You?

If you want additional peace of mind on Memphis roads, many Germantown drivers combine comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to their liability coverage. However, that can be cost-prohibitive to some, especially if you don’t drive past Collierville often. Consider the following to see what’s right for your drives:

  • What Is Your Current Financial Situation? If you had to pay to repair or replace your vehicle out of pocket right now, would you be able to?
  • What Are Your Driving Habits? Do you have a long commute from Cordova every day? This may put you at a higher risk of an accident.
  • What Are Driving Conditions Like Where You Live? Are the roads you frequent riddled with potholes? Are collisions with animals or falling trees a common issue in your area?
  • Does Your Car Hold a High Value? Think about the condition of your car. Does it still hold a lot of its original value?

Learn More About Your Options at Wolfchase Nissan

Are you still wondering what is comprehensive insurance vs. collision? Don’t hesitate to contact us online today! Our finance team will be more than happy to help you weigh all your options for insurance coverage. Interested in more car-buying tips? Learn more about gap insurance, car loan interest rates, and more with our team!

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